Pierre-Louis Mascia, the French designer who has made graphic processing and pictorial opulence the distinctive trait of his creativity, styled the shirts for the Pitti Boys & Girls, the members of the Pitti team at the Fortezza Da Basso during the Pitti Immagine fairs. The brand has chosen a bandana print combined with animalier elements, rediscovering a 19 th century vintage taste.

The pattern originates from a reinterpretation of the Indian Paisley patterns transformed onto the shirts of the Butteri or cowboys of the Camargue – Les Indiennes de Nîmes – updated to a street style on the bandanas of the American gangs: a single distinctive sign that unites cowboys and Geronimo, Tupac Shakur and Axl Rose. The bandana pattern presented in a gradual color palette that goes from faded yellow to brown passing through neon, ocher and road sign orange, has become a classic of Pierre-Louis Mascia’s production. The collections are produced and distributed by Achille Pinto, a preeminent name in the silk district of Como with over eighty years of history, whose production processes are carried out through an entirely Made in Italy production chain.

Original article: http://www.pittimmagine.com/en/corporate/fairs/bimbo/news/2019/pierrelouismascia.html

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