The relationship between horses and fashion has a long history. Horse clothes always have been recognized as stylish and majestic.  Likewise, equestrianism has had a lasting effect on fashion. Take for example beautiful suits and skirts which was worn in 1700. and all huge hat which was shown during racing events. Or during the hunting events in England knee-high boots, the gloves, whip, and spurs….

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Her Majesty is also a patron of various equestrian organizations including the British Horse Society, the Fell Pony Society, and the Highland Pony Society.

The 92-year-old monarch still regularly rides in Windsor and she has often been photographed with horses throughout her long reign. Riding aside, the Queen enjoys watching races and makes appearances at prestigious events in the racing calendar. Meanwhile, generations of royals share the Queen’s passion, including her daughter Princess Anne and granddaughter Zara, who have both represented Great Britain at the Olympics. Prince George and Princess Charlotte have also taken up horseback riding classes.


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