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Meet our Team

Hello! You are probably wondering

Who are we?

We are parents, artists, publishers, editors, designers, stylists, and more.

All of us had previous experiences in the world of fashion, media, and publishing which are our greatest passions.

We are not your everyday parents, which means our store is a bit different as well.

Why are we different? 

Because we want to catch your attention, and avoid boring you to death about baby gear like most other store owners do.

We cannot prove that when you have 5 kids you already know everything about parenting, because in truth you don't, no one does. It is impossible to know everything, first because baby gear market is really unique, different than anything else. Every half a year you have new models of strollers, car seats, swings, high chairs, and all manufacturers are trying to convince you they are the best. It might be true that they function similarly, but then comes different design, some of them are more modern while some are very fashion, and some are for conservative moms.

We want you to have some fun playing with baby gear, we want you to look perfect on the street with your baby, we want to show you that you can look perfect and sexy when you are pregnant and after pregnancy. You can be 25 or 45, be an expecting mother or grandma, it doesn't matter! What matters is who will take care of you and your baby.

If you are looking for another store with reps that will be telling you how they already know everything, dressed in boring corporate outfits while being super serious all the time, this might not be the store for you.

We are happy, and not serious all the time, we are colorful and we want you to be happy with us. Motherhood is the most important job on this earth, and that is why you should feel good, fresh and beautiful about it. It is time to say stop to boring reviews, talking and taking advice from reps which will be promoting products on sale just because they have a deal with a certain manufacturer, they will be telling you that it is the best today, but when you will come tomorrow something else will be the best, because they just received another promo. Truth is that this advice you can very easily find by yourself, without the need for a boring rep telling you so.

We will look at you, talk with you and help you in a real and honest way, why? Because our job is our passion, because we love to create, and because we will do everything we can to make sure you leave our store happy. If you want to play with colors, if you want advice from above the line customer support, give it a try and check us out!

Schedule appointment for free design and stylist consultation, or simply visit our magazine for advice.

Send us emails, write to us, tell us what you like, tell us about your passions, tell us about your dreams, even the ones that never happened, we will do our best to make them come true, and even if not all will be born, we will do our best to give you at least a piece of them.

We truly believe that when you are happy inside, you are glowing outside, and this is a reason to be a happy mother!

We know that some people will say that motherhood has nothing to do with fashion, motherhood must be serious! This is what we say to that: serious doesn’t have to mean look out of vogue, mother doesn't mean to be out of style. Baby doesn't mean to be dressed like 99% other babies to the point that it is hard to differentiate them, because all have the same label. Mothers are beautiful, mothers are the best and the most important thing in this world, and we are against the common market that puts out pieces of fabric which you know doesn't look good, because you can't even tell if it is meant to be a carpet or a blanket, and the same goes for your children. Mother’s want to feel good, but the pressure of being a mom is putting them on flat ground and flat shoes instead of heels, designer clothes, and cute outfit for babies including matching strollers. This should be the time when you tell your husband: this is my time, I am a mother and I will look sexier than I ever was, and I and my baby will look beautiful like never before, because we are happy mothers!


Is everything in your store expensive? 

We have a lot of expensive items, this is true. We do not carry cheap items which lose quality after the first wash. And yet the real question is what is really expensive, clothes which will be going to trash after 2nd or 3rd wash and need to be re-bought, or clothes that will be good and beautiful even for the next generation… Personally I own clothes from Chanel that belonged to my grandma and they are still beautiful. Vintage, but with class.

Not everything must be from the top 5 designers, but it must be shown in a correct way, do you really want to shop and have advice from someone who doesn't know how to match anything, which will make your baby room have millions of colors which has nothing to do with each other, colors, designs that will be biting each other, that your child will be growing up around without any sense of style. It is time to make yourself a favor and stop this cycle. 

*Pictures on this page are made by Megan Hess

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